During this 1-hour long online consultation you will learn what to wear no matter whether you are a rectangle, guitar, goblet, apple, banana or cucumber :p

How to dress your body shape


You’ve read many articles about all possible body shape classifications, but you just got even more confused.. They often contradict each other, and you can’t find a clear answer on what you should actually wear to look and feel good
You don’t know how to choose clothes to suit your body
You used to know your body shape, but it has changed, nothing fits anymore and you can’t find your place in any classification
You experience that nothing fits in the store and that it is difficult to find clothes that you like and feel comfortable in
You just want to look slimmer/bigger och camouflage certain body parts but can’t find any answers how to do it

I’m here to help you to learn once and for all how to dress your body for the rest of your life, no matter how it may change in the future!


Once you have decided that you want this consultation, I will ask you to send some photos of you and to fill out a short form, so I can determine what body type and proportions you have, and what are your struggles and wishes. This helps me prepare for our meeting.

I have a strict privacy policy, so be sure that your pictures will be kept absolutely confidential and will NEVER be posted or published anywhere. This is one of the reasons I don’t show portfolio images.

Based on the provided information and pictures, I will create a file with clear instructions and examples about what you should choose to dress your body and your proportions, and what to do in case your body shape changes.

Then we decide on a day and time for a 1-hour Zoom meeting, during which you will get all the answer about your body and how to dress it to look and feel good.

After the consultation, I will send you the file with all information, so you can refresh the knowledge when needed. In addition, you will have my support during the next two weeks, when you can ask all sorts of questions regarding dressing your body.

As a result, you will learn:

How to visually create the body shape you want and emphasize your best points by choosing the right clothes
Which garments you should look for in stores and which you shouldn’t waste your time on
How you can visually add or remove some volume on specific body parts and make them look bigger or smaller, if needed
What cuts, fabrics, prints, colors and textures to choose to flatter your body
The reasons why you don’t wear certain garments in your wardrobe and how you can give them new life (or let them go with peace of mind)
How you can look shorter/taller/bigger/smaller


Price: 99 Euro

You will get:

A 1-hour online consultation
A file with all the information about your body and proportions and how to dress them
2 weeks support when you can ask all possible questions regarding dressing your body


Contact me if you are ready to book consultation or if you have any questions. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Yanina Soytonen – Personal Stylist and Shopper

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