You would love to implement more colors into your wardrobe, but you are not sure where to start
You don’t understand what colors look good on you
You tried to figure out whether you are “winter, autumn, spring or summer”, but got even more confused instead
You don’t know how to combine colors, but you would like to learn
You love colors and have a colorful wardrobe but don’t know what to pair them with; nothing seem to match

Colors can not only spice up your wardrobe, they can also help lift your mood and brighten your day!

Learn how to become best friends with color with this easy online course!

The course includes 4 lessons:

Theory of Colors

You will learn the basics of color theory so you can pick out colors like a pro!

Psychology of Colors

Learn how colors affect our mood and how we can use them to create different impressions

You and Your Colors

Gain a deeper understanding of what colors work for your skin and what you should think about when you choose colors to wear close to your face

How to Combine Colors

Add more colors to your wardrobe and learn to create beautiful color combinations

The course also includes practical assignments, check-lists, cheat sheets, polls and quizzes that will make it easier for you to implement the knowledge you have gained into real life.


As soon as you have purchased the course you will receive an email with the access link. You can login and start learning right away. If you don’t see the email check your Spam folder or contact me.

The lessons are in video format. The videos are in English and runs between 10 and 25 minutes. They can be watched from your computer, tablet or mobile phone as many times as you want.

A one-time fee gets you access to every video for up to 6 months.

Study and learn on your own schedule; when it’s convenient for you.

This easy online course will help you:

Gain the confidence to wear the colors you love, and maybe try some new colors too!

Learn how to choose colors that work with all the other colors in your wardrobe

Discover new ways to combine the clothes you already own into fresh looks

Finally, understand what colors to choose and to look for

Create beautiful color combinations that make you feel good

Learn why you don’t wear some of your garments and either find them a pair or let them go without regrets


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